Odd Friendships of the Actor Jesenius

Karel Steklý, 1985

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This 1985 adaptation of Ivan Olbracht’s 1919 novel became the last title in the vast filmography of director Karel Steklý (1903–1987). The novelist’s elaborately crafted work takes to task “malevolent reclusiveness” through the performances of two actor-characters of opposite temperaments – unrestrained, free-thinking anarchist Veselý and temperate humanist Jesenius. The ethical victory in this drama, set in the era of the First World War, goes to Veselý. He is willing to give up his life for socially progressive ideals of his time… The feature film, which Steklý also informed as the screenwriter, turns on the traditional conflict between active and passive attitudes in life. Olbracht´s stance and the contemporary ideology of the 1980s vindicate Veselý, rendered in this formally conservative feature by Pavel Trávníček. Alfred Strejček stars as Jesenius.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1985
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres narrative
Form feature
Duration 88 min
Director Karel Steklý
Cast Alfred Strejček, Pavel Trávníček, Jiří Štěpnička, Martina Hudečková, Monika Hálová, Rudolf Jelínek
Director of photography Rudolf Stahl ml.
Screenplay Karel Steklý
Editor Jan Chaloupek
Production designer Věra Líznerová
Music Jaromír Klempíř
Sound designer Miloslav Hůrka