Second Move of the Pawn

Vít Olmer, 1984

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The 1980s even saw directors as distinguished as Vít Olmer unable to escape their “duty” to produce “politically engaged” films. And so, alongside his noted genre works such as Co je vám, doktore? (What’s the Matter With You, Doctor?, 1984), Jako jed (Like Poison, 1985) and Antonyho šance (Anthony’s Chance, 1986), we also find this 1984 spy drama about members of the Czechoslovak counter-intelligence services. Druhý tah pěšcem (The Second Move of the Pawn) relies on an enticing backdrop, similarly to other Olmer movies which offer well-crafted criminal themes. Jan Prokop, the central character, uncovers a plot contrived by Western spies, but he is forced to also battle his envious and incompetent colleague Libor. Also in the game are winsome colleague Petra and skilled scientist Jonáš – a man whom foreign intelligence services are seeking to recruit for a capitalistic arms firm. Karel Heřmánek assumes the lead role of communist spy Prokop. Jonáš is played by Olmer’s colleague, actor and director Karel Smyczek.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1984
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres spy
Form feature
Duration 78 min
Director Vít Olmer
Cast Karel Heřmánek, Ondřej Pavelka, Jana Paulová, Jiří Samek, Tomáš Töpfer, Stanislava Bartošová
Director of photography Ota Kopřiva
Screenplay Jaroslav Dietl
Editor Ivana Kačírková
Production designer Jiří Hlupý
Music Ondřej Soukup
Sound designer Jiří Moudrý