Man on the Run

Václav Sklenář, 1968

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Even in the late 1960s, the theme of uncovering former Nazis and dishing out retribution for their war crimes was still doing the rounds in Czechoslovak cinematography. The protagonist of this 1968 crime drama from director Václav Sklenář is mining engineer Kraus. He is revealed to be a former Gestapo officer, but given the lack of evidence he is only sentenced for the killing of one man. In prison, Kraus is secretly contacted by a group of Germans who promise to help him escape. The prisoner, however, finds out that they’re not interested in his freedom; rather they’re all too interested in his punishment. In addition, they want to obtain the address of his brother, another ex-member of the Gestapo... In this dramatic story of late revenge, the main role is played by Karel Dellapina, an experienced provincial theatre actor who began to appear before the camera in the mid-60s. A Man on the Run is the only motion picture in which the columnist and journalist Karel Kyncl appeared as an actor.
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Film data

About a film

Production year 1968
Countries Czechoslovakia
Categories film
Genres drama
Form feature
Duration 77 min
Director Václav Sklenář
Cast Karel Dellapina, Otakar Váňa, Hana Kreihanslová, Karel Kyncl, Monika Švábová, Paul Leclér
Director of photography Alexandr Rašilov, Julius Vegricht
Screenplay Václav Sklenář, Luděk Staněk
Editor Antonín Zelenka
Production designer Jaroslav Krška
Music Josef Ceremuga
Sound designer Ladislav Hausdorf