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  • Tam na konečné

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    DVD HOUSE AT THE TERMINUS directors: Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos issued by: Filmexport language: Czech subtitles: Czech for the hearing impaired, English length: 98 min. DVD in a paper package A mosaic of the stories of residents living in an apartment building at a tram terminus. This naturalistic work, influenced by Italian neorealism, tells the tales of several ordinary people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. One of the first film collaborations from the celebrated directorial duo Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos based on a script by Ludvík Aškenazy. Starring: Eva Očenášová, Vladimír Ráž, Martin Růžek, Jana Dítětová, Karla Svobodová and others. PRICE: 149 CZK

  • Zborov DVD

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  • DVD Prvá

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  • DVD Starci na chmelu

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  • DVD Takový je život

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  • DVD Stud

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  • Adelheid

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  • Blu-ray Ikarie XB 1

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  • DVD Ikarie XB 1

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  • Extase

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  • Batalion

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  • Tonka Šibenice

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  • Film - náš pomocník. Český krátký film 50. let

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    Film – Our Helper. Czech Short Films of the 1950s An extensive collection of informational and educational films from the years 1948-1959 reflects the changes in Czech society in the 1950s in terms of working habits and leisure activities. The films include works by well-known directors František Vláčil, Ladislav Rychman, Jiří Menzel, Břetislav Pojar, and others. These movies represent a wide range of approaches and forms, from documentary records to staged productions with actors, animation, propaganda, and advertising. Many of these films are made available here for the first time since their original release. Many of these films are made available here for the first time since their original release. 42 films on 4 DVDs DVD 1: Industry and Agriculture DVD 2: Defence Capability and Sport DVD 3: Healthcare and Healthy Nutrition DVD 4: Lifestyle and Art Price: 399 CZK

  • Blu-ray Signum Laudis

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  • DVD Ostře sledované vlaky

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    DVD CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS director: Jiří Menzel starring: Václav Neckář, Jitka Bendová, Vladimír Valenta, Josef Somr, and others issued by: NFA in: 2015 subtitles: Czech for the hearing impaired, English 1 DVD in a paper package + an enclosed brochure This digitally restored Oscar-winning film based on the book by Bohumil Hrabal is accompanied by a number of bonuses. We are given an opportunity to consider Jiří Menzel as a young filmmaker from the generation that made their debut in the 1960s by his student film Our Dear Mr Foerster Died. We are taken through the meanderings of Bohumil Hrabal’s contemplations and his peculiar poetics on a visit to the space-time of his personal life in About Cats, Beatniks, and Everything Else. We show the student work De arte amatoria/The Art of Loving about the search for the language and movements of love and amorous blunders together with the official interpretation of sexual behavior (in Miloš Makovec’s earlier film About the Little Ones for the Grown-Ups). Closely Watched Trains brought Václav Neckář onto the film scene – his image as a pop-culture icon is illustrated with contemporary TV videos of the songs Licorice and Today I Got an “F” Grade. Our price: 269 CZK

  • 3 DVD Český animovaný film I (1925-1945)/Czech Animated Film I (1925-1945)

    269,00 Kč

    The unique collection of all films originating from the outset of animated cinema (1925-1945) contains short-lenght, commercial or promotional films and abstract animated works. Films created by Karel Dodal, Hermína Týrlová, Karel Zeman, and others are included.

  • Petr Skala. Utajený experimentátor

    180,00 Kč

    An explicit source for Czech video art can be found in Czech experimental film in the second half of the 20th century, whose representatives were the pioneers of video Radek Pilař and Petr Skala. It was through the influence of these artists, in particular, that videographic morphology came to incorporate the principles of post-war modernist artistic tendencies, new figuration, informal and textural abstractions, action painting and abstract expressionism. This DVD collects together 40 experimental films created by Petr Skala in 1969-1984.

  • Blu-ray Marketa Lazarová

    539,00 Kč

    "One of central European cinema´s major masterpieces." Michael Brooke, Sight and Sound "Marketa Lazarová is without a doubt the best historical film ever made." Film Quarterly "Marketa Lazarová is a lesson to us all." New York Times The stylistically outstabdibg drama of love, feud and paganism in the Middle Ages (and a justly acknowledged milestone of Czech cinema) is now making its comeback in digitally restored 4K format.

  • Woody Vasulka. Virtuální houbaření

    89,00 Kč

    "Mushroom hunting is not simply a matter of traipsing through the woods after it rains. It is an art, a skill, a meditation, and a process." Daniel Arona Woody Vasulka dedicated his life to desire to unleash the potential of medium and finding a new ways of construction and representation of reality. Vasulka´s life wandering, whose main directive seems to be openness to the incoming and transformation of himself in the dialog with the machine, can be looked at from the perspective of his liking to mushrooming. The DVD presents a selection of his videos (1969-1987) together with a visual supplement relating to his life and work.

  • Pravda a lež. Filmování v ghettu Terezín 1942–1945

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    In the history of world cinema, the film Terezín: A Documentary Film from the Jewish Settlement Area - better known under the title The Führer Gives the Jews a City - remains a prime example of the misuse of film and its protagonists for propaganda purposes. This CD-ROM contains the most important documents related to the filming in the ghetto. More than one hundred records (film fragments, transcript of memories, photographs, pictures and texts) provide a unique and compelling window into a rare moment in European history.