We make a wide distribution offer for the use of our audio-visual materials, photographs and written archival materials. We hire out film and non-film media for feature films produced before 1991 within the framework of the Czechoslovak State Film. We provide films made before 1964 with a full legal service package under a framework agreement concluded with the unincorporated association of authors and other copyright holders DILIA. From films produced in the period 1965-1991 we rent out prints and arrange a license under a framework agreement with State Cinematography Fund. If you are interested in our offer, please contact Mr. Tomáš Žůrek.

Cinemas and festivals
The NFA provides materials in the form of 35 mm film prints and digital media for cinema distribution and screening at film festivals.
The NFA offers the possibility of individual consultations for the creation of coherent thematic shows for cinema programmes and film festivals.

Schools and educational institutions
We strive in the long term to develop film/audio-visual education in the Czech Republic and we support the use of film for educational purposes at all levels of the education system and in the form of leisure activities.

– We offer cut-rate rentals for study screenings of 35 mm copies in university cinemas – see price list.
– We also offer school/educational screenings in the NFA cinema Ponrepo. In Ponrepo it is possible to screen titles from the golden collection of world cinematography.
– When screening Czech films from one’s DVD for study purposes we grant licenses with symbolic fees based on an individual arrangement.
– We support the development of film clubs in primary schools, secondary schools and universities. It is possible to choose from the list of Czech films made before 1991 in HD titles that can be rented on digital media under favourable terms.
– We offer consultations on the legal aspects of screening films in classrooms.
– The NFA offers methodological advice for creating syllabuses for teaching film at all levels of the educational system.

Museums, galleries, cultural clubs
Film and non-film materials from our collections can be used in the context of expositions, permanent exhibitions and one-off cultural events, such as anniversaries of important institutions, anniversaries of personalities, and the like. We are able to provide still photos from films as well as other materials in high resolution, footage for exhibitions and we are happy to participate in other ways to allow access to film materials.

We work with all domestic and some foreign television stations. The NFA offers audio-visual materials for use in television broadcasts. With our new digital laboratory we are able to meet today’s quality standards in the transition to television broadcasting in HD. The sales department responds to customer requirements in a flexible and professional manner as a result of its many years of experience.