• The following text will give you the basic information about our Sales Department. We will be happy to answer any questions by e-mail or over the phone. Please contact Tomáš Žůrek.
    • The National Film Archive takes care of one of the largest surviving feature film collections in the world; some of which have already been digitally restored and more are in the process.
    • The extensive collections of NFA include films awarded at various festivals such as the Oscar-winning titles “Shop on Main Street” and “Closely Watched Trains” as well as “Ikarie XB 1”, which was introduced in the Cannes Classics section in 2016 and at Berlinale in 2017 (Retrospective section). We also offer cinematic retrospectives of outstanding Czech directors such as Věra Chytilová, Jiří Menzel, Miloš Forman, Jan Němec and others.
    • In our collection you will also find a set of animated films suitable for a variety of audiences, directed by stars such as Hermína Týrlová, Břetislav Pojar , Karel Zeman or Jiří Trnka. Czech, or Czechoslovak animated film has a very rich tradition particularly the last two directors mentioned inspired many other animators.
    • Our collection also includes documentary materials from the beginnings of Czech cinematography, from the pre-war, war and after-war period, instructional films from different branches of industry, newsreels mapping the period situation and more. Some of them have never been released to the public and some of them are quite unique, such as materials from Theresienstadt ghetto or from Lidice, the village burned by Nazis during World War II

Licensing and renting film prints and digital media to authorized users abroad

The licensing rates for obtaining rights or for granting consent for the use of NFA materials depend on the manner in which the materials are used, i.e. the desired type of rights (TV, DVD/BR, cinema distribution, one-off public screening, use at an exhibition), territory, number and price of a copy, scope of the required license and number of repeated broadcasts or screenings.

Licensing with renting the film print 35 mm

Feature film                                          € 400 / 1 screening
Short and medium-length film              € 150 / 1 screening

Licensing with renting DCP/BD

Feature film                                         € 300 / 1 screening
Short and medium-length film             € 100 / 1 screening

Licensing the film without renting the material

Feature film                                          € 200 / 1 screening
Short and medium-length film              € 75   / 1 screening

Renting the material without the license

The film print                                 € 200 / 1 screening
DCP/BD                                        € 100 / 1 screening

Handling costs and shipping associated with providing the material are covered by the customer

For other kinds of usage please contact Tomáš Žůrek.

Thank you for your interest in our collections.