Publication Activities

The NFA is one of the key domestic publishers of publications focused on film studies.

Instructions for authors of manuscripts
The NFA publishes works of its own authors, as well as from outside sources.
Proposals for manuscripts are received and assessed by the editorial board, which is composed of
Lucie Česálková, Jiří Anger, Ivan Klimeš, Pavel Skopal (FF MU), Matěj Strnad, Julie Wittlichová, Tomáš Žůrek, Linda Šplíchalová, Anna Mohaplová, Katarina Gatialová, Veronika Bokšteflová, Anna Militz.

If you would like to submit a proposal for the publishing of a manuscript, please contact the book editor Julie Wittlichová

The deadlines for submitting proposals and manuscripts are: February 28th and August 31st,
applicants will be informed of the Editorial Board’s decisions within 30 days after the deadline.

Published Titles can be purchased in our e-shop.