The main focus of the NFA‘s research activities is the history of fiction and non-fiction films within the broader context of audiovisual history in Central and Eastern Europe.

The NFA publishes the scientific journal Illuminace, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic; its research results are also published in monographs and anthologies, or in archive editions of the documents; and it participates in domestic and international research activities (symposia, conferences, workshops, collaborative projects, etc).

The History of Czech Film Archival Sciences

The goal of the project is to clarify, through analysing the changing politics, the concept of film archives and archival practices, the culturally specific process of creation, legitimation and subsequent development of this institution and the professions that exist within it. The intention of the research is also to describe and understand the role, significance and status that film archives held during the different periods of its existence in the domestic and international field of cultural institutions and film archives.

Contact: Jan Trnka,

The Database of Initials, Acronyms and Pseudonyms of Authors in Czech and Slovak Periodicals

This project aims to capture and decrypt to the maximum extent possible, the initials and pseudonyms of Czech and Slovak authors of articles about film from the beginning of cinema to the present.

Contact: Sonya Weigertová,