I need to insert a clip or a photo still from a movie into a piece of reportage, can you provide it?

We can provide clips from feature films, documentaries and news reports. If you do not have a specific requirement for a particular clip, one of our curators can do research for you based on the topic. For a particular clip, please contact our sales department – e.g. zuzana.stefunkova@nfa.cz, where you can get information about the commercial and contractual conditions.

I’m looking for information on contemporary Czech cinema, can you advise me where to look?

We publish a facts and figures every year, which includes a list of feature films, documentaries, animated films and commercials made in the particular year. It includes filmographic data, the characteristics of the films and technical data. It also gives an overview of the premieres of Czech and foreign films, the information about their distribution, a list of the most successful films based on Czech film distribution, the list of films exported to foreign countries and an overview of the award-winning Czech film, film personalities and film companies. A regular part of the yearbook is the updated directory of important organizations and institutions connected to Czech cinema (film and video production companies, distribution companies, corporations, agencies, trade organizations, foundations, professional associations, special interest organizations, trade organizations, archives, museums, libraries, schools and the editors of specialized film magazines). The Yearbook for 2012 can be found here. The employees of our industry department will also be happy to provide you with any information.

I’m interested in filming / photographing on your premises, is this possible?

Filming in NFA buildings is subject to approval by the General Director and is governed by the valid price list.

Where can I find mandatory disclosures of your organization?
These and other information have been placed for you into the tab – Documents.