The project of the newly established website draws upon the NFA’s traditional information sources, the magazines Filmový přehled (Film Review) and the Film Yearbook.
In connection with the planned website, the NFA put an end to the publishing of these magazines in their current form, since the facts and information that they now provide, will be structured differently and will be part of a new website called Film Review.

Film Review 1939-2013

Film Review was the oldest Czech film magazine. It first appeared in 1939 under the name Filmová kartotéka  (Film Files) and provided basic information on individual film titles, especially for cinema operators. From 1950, it was called Filmový přehled and from that point forward it was intended for everyone from the field of cinema and anyone interested in film. Over the years, it was published by various institutions connected to Czechoslovak cinema, but since 1993 the National Film Archive has been its publisher. The magazine comprehensively dealt with Czech (formerly Czechoslovak) film distribution. This means that it featured in the form of key words detailed information about all film premieres, featured in cinemas and occasionally also on titles from the DVDs video market. However, it also contained a lot of additional information, and was clearly structured.
Since January 2013, the monthly magazine has been published by the National Film Archives only in electronic form.

Film Yearbook

The National Film Archive has published the Film Yearbook – a bilingual publication in Czech and English, on an annual basis since 1992, which is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. The Yearbook consists of a list of feature films, documentaries, animated films and commercials. It also includes filmographic data, the characteristics of films and technical data. In addition, it has an overview of the premieres of Czech and foreign films, data about distribution, a list of the most successful films shown in Czech film distribution, the list of films exported to foreign countries and an overview of the award-winning Czech films, as well as information about film personalities and companies. One regular part of the Yearbook has been an updated directory of important organizations and institutions of Czech cinema (film and video production companies, distribution companies, corporations, agencies, trade organizations, foundations, professional associations, special interest organizations, trade organizations, archives, museums, libraries, schools and editors experts of film magazines).

These publications also guaranteed space to annual film festivals and awards granted to Czech films in a given year, as well as information about the publications and periodicals published in the Czech Republic, information on grants and contributions for the realization of film projects in the Czech cinema and a film events calendar.