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For many years, Film Review came out as a printed monthly magazine that initially served as an overview for cinema owners as a review of distribution. However, over time it became a popular magazine that delivered the most comprehensive information about films in the film distribution in the Czech Republic, it familiarized readers with the contents of films and ran profiles about directors, actors and other artists. The magazine, the oldest Czech film magazine of its kind, was published in printed form until 2013, but even after that the editors didn’t cease to exist – on the contrary, they are still intensively working and have been creating new texts for a new web portal with comprehensive information about Czech cinema.

We have also published for many years the Film Yearbook, at first only in printed form and later on as a CD-ROM. It is used by film professionals, researchers and government authorities.

The newly emerging portal will bring together these contents under the traditional name Film Review, while also offering even more. As a result, it will be able to serve the needs of the film industry experts and users, as well as film enthusiasts and the general public.


The project will bring into existence a web portal with comprehensive information about Czech cinema. It differs from the existing, similar websites on account of the comprehensiveness of the data and their maximum level of reliability, which can only be guaranteed by the NFA in the Czech Republic, from the logic of their authority. It is proven by the many years of insight from the Film Review and the Film Yearbook, published by the NFA, which experts consider to be the most reliable source of data in the field. The online portal environment, compared with those printed publications, will make it easier for the public to get reliable data.

Editorial plan

The NFA’s web portal will be a breakthrough in that it is designed for both the general public, including young people, as well as the expert community, such as film researchers and film industry professionals.

For the general public, the portal will deliver complete data about current films in production and premieres, as well as information about older and the oldest Czech films. Texts about a particular film will be supplemented by detailed technical and distribution data; information about the cast and crew; about any prizes it won at festivals; along with a concise summary of its plot and filmography of the film makers. There will also be texts about the history of Czech cinema, general news, interviews with filmmakers and exclusive obituaries of Czech film personalities. The overview will cover the planned premieres of Czech films and information about film festivals and events. We are preparing contextual materials, according to a particular film theme or based on an anniversary in the development of Czech cinema, and will round it out with materials from the NFA’s collections, such as posters, photographs, preserved screenplays or director’s notes. Every week we will focus on one of the older Czech films and go into greater detail. Everything will be prepared by knowledgeable authors.

The complete edition of the catalogues of the NFA on Czech Feature Film from 1898-1993 and Czech animated film from 1920 to 1945 will be published here as well.

For film scholars, the portal will deliver services, such as an overview of the current deadlines for grants, calls for cooperation or the release of professional publications.

For film professionals, the portal offers information, that is now mostly located on the website of the Czech Film Centre, which became part of the NFA this year. It is mainly the deadline for accreditation; applications for festivals and fairs; a directory of corporate contacts; professional biographies; etc. Lastly, there are facts and figures about the Czech film industry, cinema distribution, production, an overview of financing, etc.

At the present moment, we are working hard to provide robust data volumes in the new database.

This project has been supported by the Ministry of Culture.