Interviews and Audio Recordings

The Collection of Sound Recordings of Oral History Department

Curator Mgr. Marie Barešová
Bartolomějská 11, 110 00 Prague 1
Tel. 778 522 718

The collection contains about three thousand recordings that map the area of Czech and Czechoslovak film culture. The collection is being continuously developed, processed and made available for research by the general public. The goal for 2014 – 2015 has been to fully digitize, transcribe and index the collection.
The largest part of the collection are the biographical interviews with representatives from the domestic film industry, especially representatives from the creative professions. Among the rare recordings are a collection of reports taken during EXPO 58 in Brussels and dozens of interviews recorded in the ’80s by the director Elmar Klos.
Thematically focused interviews and recordings are made on an ongoing basis, as well as the events held in Ponrepo, the NFA’s home cinema. Since 2014, we have been focused on the topic of the history of FAMU and the transformation of the film industry after 1989. In the coming years we will focus on mapping the movie industry, the history of film institutions, and film festivals.

Accessing the Collection of Sound Recordings
The collection is being continuously processed and, for the time being, its finding aids are not available. In justified cases, however, it can be used for study, educational and scientific purposes. If interested, please contact the curator Mary Barešová (, who can consult with you about the area of research and carry out the necessary search. The required records or transcripts will then be made available for you in the reading room, which is open to the public every Wednesday (between 11am and 8pm.) and Thursday (between 9am – 5pm) in the NFA building at Bartolomějská 11.

The Department of Oral History
The method of oral history was only gradually established and promoted in the Czech Republic during the transformation at the beginning of the 1990s. Its arrival in 1989, though, was extremely important. The epoch that had just finished left behind a number of blind spots in the lines of history that cannot be mapped through the official materials. They either have not been preserved or do not depict the events of the past decade in their complexity. The method of oral history allows one to obtain unique testimonies and personal experiences, as well as previously unrecorded facts. The Department of Oral History at the NFA was established nearly twenty years ago, and immediately from that point began recording biographical interviews.

Help us expand our collection
Do you have records at home related to the area of Czech or Czechoslovak film? Do you know collectors who have stored home movie or sound recordings? Bring them to the curator’s collection! The NFA is able to offer you the ability to preserve them, and can also help with digitization and processing. We will be happy to take over the care of the treasures that were left to you by your ancestors and that you do not know how to handle. Do you want to share your experiences with us? Is or was your career path closely linked with film? We will record your story! Any enrichment of the collection will help expand the knowledge of the past and present of home cinematography.

The possibility of internships
Are you looking for an internship or work experience in a major cultural institution? The Department of Oral history is ready to offer this opportunity to students of film studies, oral history, archival science, library science, sound design, and other fields. Contact the curator of the department Marie Barešová (, and agree upon an individual plan for cooperation.