The NFA adds around 3,500 film related materials to its collections every year, making it one of the top three archives in Europe.

The basis for our collections are negative and positive film materials produced domestically, i.e. fiction and non-fiction films (documentary, popular science, science, news reports, animated and other), since the birth of Czech film (in 1898) up to the present.

An extremely valuable part of the collection is the collection of newsreels documenting life in the nation up to 1993, the emergence and development of Czechoslovakia in all its periods and spheres, and capturing significant representatives from Czechoslovak cultural life.

One quite exceptional fact when gauged worldwide is that two-thirds of the silent films made nationally and all Czech films from the period 1930-1992 (with the exception of ten films from the years 1930-1939) have been preserved.

Another part of the collection consists of a rich collection of foreign cinema, which gives a vivid picture of the development of film art. Especially valuable are collections of films made before the First World War, the collection of slapstick comedies from the period 1912-1929 and the collection of newsreels documenting significant world events.

Since the early nineties, a non-film collection of audiovisual media has been created.

Currently the NFA takes care of more than 150 million meters of film materials:
30,000 copies of feature films
38,000 copies of non-feature films
9,500 negatives of feature films
18,500 negatives of non-feature films
750 amateur films
9,000 video materials
100 tons of archived films is extremely flammable (nitrocellulose) base.

Information about accessing the film collections can be found (here). Screenings of the films from the NFA’s collections take place daily at the Ponrepo Cinema, those interested in buying DVDs issued by the NFA have the option of using our e-shop. Detailed filmographic information on Czechoslovak cinematography is offered in Filmový přehled (Film Review) and Katalogy českého hraného a animovaného filmu (Catalogs of Czech Feature and Animated Films) that are available in print.