Searching and Access

Inquiries and searches
Národní filmový archiv, Prague (NFA) responds to various users’ inquiries and carries out expert thematic research in the collection administered by the archive. We will provide information on its collection and eventually will recommend other sources for further research.

Basic sources of information freely available on-line:
Filmový přehled: contains a database of Czechoslovak and Czech feature films, and serves as a publication channel for articles and other types of content.
Archival aids for processed funds of film institutions, estates and varia.
Library Catalogue: upon registration, the reader will receive remote access to the NFA Digital Library.

→ For requests of a preview of a specific film/audiovisual materials for personal study purposes use this form.

→ For other purposes please contact our Sales Department.

→ For research requests on a specific topic in film/audiovisual and non-audiovisual materials use this form

Please note that archive search services are charged according to the NFA Sales (for further information, please contact us at