NFA offers the possibility of using Czech (Czechoslovak) films and film materials and materials from contemporary documentaries, including technical cooperation, such as searching for personalities, thematic research, etc.; a special collection of Czech and foreign films for screenings held by film clubs and civil associations dealing with film; NFA also offers access to collections for the schools and educational projections or other educational and research activities; professional consulting, with possibilities for expert cooperation on Czech and foreign projects in the field of protection, processing, cataloging, research, theory and history of film and film archiving and publishing activities of NFA in the audiovisual field. NFA also, be in accordance with current legislation, enables access to the NFA’s collections of film institutions, private collections, the collections of photographs, posters, promotional material, subtitles and dialogue lists.

Film business activities currently cover around 55% of the budget, of which a substantial part is dedicated towards the preservation of film heritage.

Sales and Loans
Part of the NFA’s collections is intended for commercial use; that means use beyond the usual treatment of archival materials.
According to the Audiovisual Act (496/2012 on Collections) that governs the use of audio-visual recordings of Czech audiovisual works that were produced by the state during the period from 28 August 1945 until 31 December 1991, in which cases the rights of the manufacturer of an audiovisual recording has expired as of the effective date of this Act or after the effective date of this Act, their use is only possible on the basis of their original carriers if they are owned by the state within the jurisdiction of the Board of the Archives or if they come with the written consent of the archive. Thus, the rights of the authors of audiovisual works or works used in an audiovisual fashion are not affected. The archive is obliged to act in providing the original carriers to those interested in the use of audiovisual works in such a way so that a legal obstacle to the provision of other interested parties is avoided; otherwise any arrangement with those interested in the provision of the media is invalid.

Where should you turn if…
– You are interested in a Czech film made in 1991 – Please contact the sales department.
– You are interested in a Czech film made after 1991 – Please directly contact the private producers and the rights holders (the Union of Film Distributors, the Association of Czech Producers).
– You are interested in a foreign film production – Please contact directly the foreign producer or the right holder. We archive foreign materials only selectively and we have no rights to the material, i.e. we cannot lend them to anyone for any purpose.
– You are interested in Czech films on DVD or Blu-ray – There are the normal distribution channels, such as the companies Filmexport and Bonton. Titles issued by the NFA can be found in our e-shop.
– You want to rent a print of a film for projection? – Contact Iva Žáková (E
– You want to rent a print of a film for screening abroad or obtain the rights to use an entire Czech film produced up to 1964 abroad (e.g. TV transmission, release on DVD, etc.) – Contact Tomáš Žůrek (E, T 778 487 857).