Digital restoration of Czech film heritage

„Digital Restoration of Czech Film Heritage“ is a project whithin the CZ 06 „Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts“ programme supported by an EEA Grant. It is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Project number: EHP-CZ06-PDP-1-001-2014
Total budget: CZK 26 500 000
Start date: 29 July 2014
End date: 30 April 2016
Project website:

The aim of the project is to preserve Czech film heritage and provide the public with access to it by taking advantage of new technology. The primary objective is the digitization and digital restoration of 10 selected films, or “film programs”. Digitization, in combination with modern media technology (Blu-ray, HD TV broadcasting, digital projection in modern cinemas), is an essential tool in providing access to archived films which form an inseparable part of our common cultural history. Films were selected from a list entitled “200 Czech Films for the First Phase of Digitization” which was drawn up in 2010 by a Film Council committee for the Czech Ministry of Culture.

Partners of the project – The Norwegian National Library and CESNET – play a key role. The Norwegian National Library has a wealth of experience with digitization, not only of audiovisual works but also of other archival and cultural items. We have planned three workshops with our colleagues from selected departments of the Norwegian National Library, during which there will be a mutual exchange of experience pertinent to caring for audiovisual heritage. Experts from CESNET will ensure internet connection with the external supplier that will enable us to remotely oversee key moments of the digitization and digital restoration process.