2018 FIAF Symposium: „Sharing“

The call for papers for the symposium of the next FIAF Congress in Prague on 23-24 April 2018 has now been announced. See the text in English below. It is also availabe as a downloadable PDF file in ENGLISHFRENCH and SPANISH.

We chose sharing as our guiding principle for FIAF’s two-day 2018 Symposium, and aim to highlight as many aspects of it as possible. While we all acknowledge the uniqueness of our collections, we try to come up with ways of sharing not only their “content”, but also their related data, as well as the tools and methods we use to preserve and research them. As FIAF archives, part of an international community, we also don’t operate as islands, but must consider our efforts and tasks in line with other partners in the field, like other cultural heritage institutions. At this Symposium we would like to examine and discuss what we share, with whom, and how, but also the possible limits of sharing, and what justification they might have. We would also like to explore the notion of sharing as a means to better understand what challenges lie before us today and would benefit from communal solutions.


– Sharing sources and collections (not only within the FIAF community, but with others, e.g., academia beyond film studies; science and technology; digital humanities); the role of social media and the Internet in sharing; print and DCP exchange; reciprocity in restoration projects as covered by FIAF Rule 96; the repatriation of films

– Sharing resources, know-how, and methods (partnering on digital storage and preservation solutions with other non-profits; maintaining and developing FIAF film labs; open-sourcing film preservation; sponsored development as a viable and sustainable model)

– Sharing metadata and the way we catalogue – best practices nationally and internationally; what works and what doesn’t; experience with metadata aggregation

– Sharing responsibility – who cares about and for contemporary audiovisual production (broader than “film”), and how do film archives co-operate with other institutions in this field (especially galleries, libraries, and museums)


We eagerly look forward to your proposals, whether suggestions of individual contributions or pre-constituted panels. We invite you to consider including our partners and colleagues outside FIAF when thinking about pre-constituted panels. Individual contributions (papers, presentations, etc.) should generally aim at a length of 20 minutes (plus discussion); pre-constituted panels, 120 minutes including discussion.

For individual contributions, please send us an outline of approx. 150 words and a short bio. For pre-constituted panels, please provide us with details of the speakers/institutions represented and an outline of 300 words maximum. When possible, please suggest also the preferred chairpersons of the panels.

Proposals can be submitted in one of the three languages of the Symposium (English, French, Spanish).

The Symposium should be an opportunity to discuss and share; therefore proposals aiming beyond the mere presentation of a project are strongly encouraged.

During our review and feedback phase, the Symposium’s organizers and advisory board may provide comments and suggestions to applicants in order to put together a complex yet compact Symposium programme. Some proposals might be recommended for other events of the Congress (the Second Century Forum, or workshops of the various FIAF Commissions), while others may have to be declined.


October 2017: CFP (Call for Proposals) published and circulated

8 December 2017: Deadline for receiving proposals

1 February 2018: Notification and feedback

5 March 2018: Final Symposium programme announced

22 April 2018: FIAF 2018 Congress opens in Prague

23–24 April 2018: FIAF 2018 Symposium (first two days of the FIAF Congress)


The Symposium is being co-ordinated by Matěj Strnad (Národní filmový archiv), with further input from the Symposium Advisory Board: Lucie Česálková (Národní filmový archiv), Michal Bregant (Národní filmový archiv), Paula Félix-Didier (Museo del Cine Pablo C. Ducros Hicken), Adelheid Heftberger (Brandenburgisches Zentrum für Medienwissenschaften), and Jon Wengström (Svenska Filminstitutet). The role of the Advisory Board is to contribute to the conceptualization of the Symposium and participate in the evaluation of the proposals that are submitted.


We will investigate the option of publishing the Symposium proceedings, reaching a definite decision in early 2018.


Colleagues from the FIAF community delivering presentations at the Symposium will be able to apply for funding from the Christian Dimitriu Fund; applications will open in December. Note that some funding for other Symposium speakers might also be available, so please state in your proposal whether you would like to request financial assistance to attend the Symposium.


For any inquiries or comments, and to submit your proposals, please use the following e-mail address: fiaf2018@nfa.cz