The Czech Film Archive 1943-1993. Institutional Development and Problems of Practice

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author: Jan Trnka

The Czech Film Archive, today’s National Film Archive, is one of the oldest heritage institutions of its kind and hold one of the largest collections in the world. It was founded under extraordinary circumstances during the Second World War and seubsequently functioned for several decades within the structure of the nationalized film industry controlled by the Communist regim. This book maps the culturally specific processes of the archive’s origins and its very complicated institutional development, while also ilustrating various ways in which its film archivists have throughout the decades fulfilled their mission of collecting, scientifically processing, preserving, and making available films and other documents that testify to the history of cinema and the past more generally. Individual chapters address specific problems related to changes in acquisition policy, forms of the information system, methods of archival protection, or ways that the collections were used, as well as the general everyday practices associated with caring for the cultural heritage. These issues are examined within the context of the political, economic, and technlogical changes throughout the 20th century, which influenced Czech society and shaped its relationship with the past, both in terms of film and otherwise.

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