David Lynch in Theory

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editor: François-Xavier Gleyzon

published by: Charles University, Philosophical Faculty

in year: 2010

ISBN 978-80-7308-317-5

number of pages: 198

language: English

binding: paperback


“This stunning collection of twelve essays and an interview with Michel Chion can be likened to as many shock waves cutting through David Lynch’s cinema and photography. Each and every one informed by critical methods up to speed with the work, the essays become, in the strong sense of the term, events. Some touch on electric attraction and breakage, others on the ghost-like nature of the cinema, others on creative abjection and fetishism. Written by experts, filmmakers and artists, all discern, as Chion notes in the final pages, the strong degree to which Lynch is a commanding auteur of our time. François-Xavier Gleyzon is to be congratulated for having engineered an explosive work that opens Lynch and film theory onto unforeseen lines of inquiry.” –Tom Conley, Harvard University. Contributors: Todd Mcgowan, Greg Hainge, Gary Bettinson, Dominique de Courcelles, Scott Wilson, Alanna Thain, Jason T. Clemence, Joshua D. Gonsalves, Rebecca Anne Barr, Louis Armand, Eric G. Wilson, François-Xavier Gleyzon, Gary Bettison, Michel Chion.


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