Ludvík Šváb: Tidy Up After I Die

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eds. Evženie Brabcová, Jiří Horníček

Ludvík Šváb (1924–1997), who was a professional psychiatrist in civilian life, was a member of the Prague Surrealist Group starting in the 1950s and devoted his time to many artistic disciplines: theater, jazz music, fine arts, photography, and film. This book touches on all of these creative areas, but focuses primarily on Šváb’s film-related activities. This collection of texts, illustrations, and DVD materials presents a portion of Ludvík Šváb’s extensive written, photographic, and film estate. Also included in the publication are four original studies focusing on Šváb’s relationship to film, his influence on the Czech jazz scene, and his membership in the Surrealist Group. The portrait of this extraordinary creative personality also opens up discussions on the alternative artistic scene and the conditions of its existence in a totalitarian state. The presentation of Šváb’s film activities serves as the basis for a more general exploration of “minor areas” of film practice: home movies, amateur films, and experimental cinema.

Translation: Kevin B. Johnson, Gillian Purves, David Vichnar

Graphic Design a Layout: Michal Krůl (Laboratoř)
Published by: Národní filmový archiv, Prague 2017, first edition
ISBN 978-80-7004-191-8

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