Ján Kadár

Ján Kadár

302,00 Kč

written by: Václav Macek

published by: Central European House of Photography, SFÚ, VŠMU

in year: 2011

ISBN 978-80-85739-57-2

number of pages: 367

language: english

binding: paperback

Ján Kadár was one of the founders of Slovak cinema, a co-creator of the Ur-Wave of Czech cinema, he became a recognized director of Canadian films, and all this without a diploma in a hand. Ján Kadár won an Academy Award (The Shop on the Main Street, 1965) and a Golden Globe (Lies My Father Told Me, 1975). In 1969, The New York Times included him on the list of the fifty leading filmmakers of the world. This volume analyzes his feature films (he made sixteen) and his short films, it follows the changing contexts of his personal and creative life, disentangles the myths related to the professional collaboration of Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos, and reveals the background of film production in different social and historical circumstances. The book includes unique photo illustrations.

Price: 302,- Kč