Commercial use of the collections

Here you can get acquainted with the basic terms and rules of procedure for the handling of orders by the NFA. Due to the great variability of requests addressed to the NFA is not possible at this point to give a full list of answers to questions relating to the commercial access of materials from our collections. The following text will serve you as an input; we will be happy to answer your questions over the telephone or by e-mail – see Contacts. Thank you for your interest in the materials in our collections.

Placing orders
The NFA services related to the processing of requests for NFA materials (queries, handling of film copies, selective screenings) are paid. On acceptance of an order the customer is obliged to pay in accordance with the NFA price list for the services, even if the contract is not finally fulfilled.

We will pass your order to curators of the NFA collections who perform research and determine whether we have the requested material in our collections and whether it is available. The search query for a specific movie title or subject is a description of what materials you are looking for. The search term can be almost anything: personality, place, plot, historic event.

Selective screenings
If your requested title has already been digitised, we will send you an e-mail with a link to a preview video, or you can come to the technical department in Malešická 12, Prague 3, where the film will be played to you from a DVD. If we only have a copy of the film, it will be screened with the assistance of our staff on a editing table or in the screening room.

Licensing rates
The licensing rates for obtaining rights or for granting consent for the use of NFA materials depend on the manner in which the materials are used, i.e. the desired type of rights (TV, DVD/BR, cinema distribution, one-off public screening, use at an exhibition), territory, number and price of a copy, scope of required license, number of repeated broadcasts or screenings.

Under the Czech Copyright Act and rights related to copyright, the rights of authors of audio-visual works expire 70 years after the death of the last surviving author of the work. In December 2013 an agreement was concluded between the NFA and the theatrical, literary and audio-visual agency DILIA, which represents the overwhelming majority of audio-visual works that we manage commercially. With this agreement, the order processing process is greatly simplified because the legal obligation to pay licence fees for a work and obtain the consent of its authors or their heirs to the use of the work is no longer on the customer’s side.

NFA materials are provided subject to the conclusion of a contract setting out the licensing and financial terms. If any materials are to be provided solely for research purposes without a license for their use, the customer must sign a statutory declaration.

As the NFA does not have its own department for digitisation of film materials and we have them transferred in subcontracting studios please allow a certain time interval (at least 14 days) needed for technical and logistical support for the transfer.

Acceptance of materials
By default, we send video files to customers via our secure internet file transfer service, alternatively we can use your own services (FTP, Aspera, …). You can also collect data on hard disk, DVD or BD in our office in Malešická 14 in person or by courier.

Making payments
We send invoices by mail to the address specified in the contract or statutory declaration. Technical costs incurred in connection with the processing of your order are included in the invoice. In case of longer-term projects the costs may be billed on an ongoing basis.

Pricing, licence rates and maintenance costs
The rates charged for services related to the provision of NFA materials are given in the NFA price list.

Whom to contact if …
– I want to rent a copy of a film for screening abroad or obtain rights to use all of Czech films made abroad before 1991 (TV broadcasting, release on DVD …). Contact Tomáš Žůrek.

– I am interested in Czech film made after 1991. Consult the private producer(s) or copyright holder(s) (Union of Film Distributors, Association of Czech Producers).
– I am interested in a foreign film. Contact directly the foreign producer(s) or copyright holder(s). As we only archive a selection of foreign materials and do not have any rights to them, we cannot provide them for any purpose.
– I am interested in Czech feature films on DVD or Blu-ray. For titles issued by the NFA visit our e-shop.