FIAF Congress 2018

Welcome to 74th FIAF Congress In Prague.


Dear friends and colleagues,

In April 2018 the National Film Archive in Prague will welcome the delegates and guests of the 74th Congress of FIAF. This will be the fourth FIAF Congress in our country, which reflects the importance of film archives in Czech culture and society and the dedication of generations of Czech film archivists to FIAF.

The main venue of the 2018 Congress and Symposium will be the New Building of the National Museum. Therefore, the National Film Archive is grateful to our partners at the National Museum, as well as to the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, which helped us substantially to organize the Congress. Among other principal supporters I would like to thank in particular the Central Bohemia Region and its Governor, the Czech Film Fund and the Embassy of Luxembourg in the Czech Republic.

The year 2018 will be marked by a series of political anniversaries, such as the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918 and the Prague Spring and subsequent occupation in 1968. The 80th anniversary of FIAF is no less important for the mission of our archive as one of many film heritage institutions around the globe, which are ready to take yet another breath and look into the future with hope and optimism. Sharing as the topic of the symposium during the first two days of the Congress should bring lots of inspiration, both for our daily practice and conceptual thinking about our mission in the 21st century.

Michal Bregant,


National Film Archive


About FIAF – International Federation Of Film Archives

FIAF, the International Federation of Film Archives, has been dedicated to the preservation of, and access to, the world´s film heritage since 1938. It brings together the world’s leading non-profit institutions in this field.

Its affiliates are committed to the rescue, collection, preservation, screening, and promotion of films, which are valued both as works of art and culture and as historical documents. When FIAF was founded in June 1938, it had four members. As of May 2017, it comprises more 164 institutions in 75 countries – a reflection of the extent to which film heritage has become a world-wide concern. After nearly 80 years of experience in this field, FIAF has grown to be the most important global network of cinematheques and film archives.

The international film archival community has the opportunity to meet every year at the FIAF Congress. This is the occasion for FIAF archivists and external participants to share their experiences and exchange information and discuss collaborative projects. The FIAF Congress is held every year in a different country, and consists of various sessions on scientific, cultural, historical, legal, and administrative issues. These sessions include a symposium, commissions workshops, open forum discussions, regional meetings, film screenings, social events, and the Federation´s annual General Assembly.


About National Film Archive

The mission of the National Film Archive is to preserve cinema heritage, to further its public understanding and to facilitate the development of the Czech audio-visual industry and film culture.

The NFA is one of the 10 oldest and largest film archives in the world. It was set up in 1943 and in 1946 became a member of the International Federation of Film Archives – FIAF. In 1997 it became a founding member of the Association of European Film Archives and Cinematheques, ACE (Association des Cinémathéques Européenes).

The NFA is one of the Czech Republic´s most significant institutions of memory; in addition to performing its archival role, it manages Czech films and is engaged in scientific and publishing activities, exhibition and promotion of film heritage and support of contemporary Czech cinema. Since 2011, the NFA has been involved in major digitisation projects (Markéta Lazarová, The Firemen´s Ball, All Good Compatriots, Closely Watched Trains).

The NFA coordinates the Creative Europe Desk and the Media Sub-programme.

Currently, the NFA takes care of more than 150 million metres of film, more than 500,000 photos, over 30,000 posters, and 100,000 promotional materials. Archival collections and a film library serve professionals engaged in scientific research and are a source of information and materials for contemporary audio-visual production. In the years 1965 – 2008 the NFA preserved nearly 24 million metres of film copied from highly flammable stock.

The National Film Archive offers:

  • access to Czech (Czechoslovak) film materials and special collections, including technical cooperation, e.g., researching materials relating to people and specific themes,
  • voluntary deposits of existing or newly created cinematographic works, free deposits of reproductive and preservation material to permanent archival care,
  • access to collections as part of school and educational screenings or other academic and scientific activities,
  • professional consultations or expert cooperation on Czech and international projects in the field of preservation, processing, cataloguing, research, theory and history of film and film archiving,
  • publishing activities,
  • film educational programmes,
  • representation of Czech cinema at major markets and international festivals,
  • dissemination of information about funding options offered within the MEDIA financial programme.