Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference: November 4 and 5 at Ponrepo Cinema

The NFA, in cooperation with the Czech Society for Film Studies (Česká společnost pro filmová studia) and the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, has organised the international Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference to be held at the National Film Archive’s cinema Ponrepo on 4 and 5 November 2016. The topic of the sixth annual event will be “The Long 1990s” and is devoted to the phenomenon of the 1990s in art and media. In addition to contributions on the topic of film, television and video, the situation in music, literature and computer games will also be discussed.

The conference is free and the conference language is English.

Sixth Annual Screen Industries in East-Central Europe Conference:
The Long 1990s

4-5 November 2016,
National Film Archive, Ponrepo Cinema
Prague, Czech Republic
Conference attendance is free; the official language is English.
Conference venue-Ponrepo Cinema, Bartolomějská 11, Prague

Day 1: Friday 4 November

10:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks

11:00 Panel 1: Authors In-Between

Konrad Klejsa (Łódź University, Poland): Robert Gliński’s The Call of the Toad: A Case Study of Polish-German Co-Production

Radomír D. Kokeš (Masaryk University, Czech Republic): Directed by Jan Svěrák: Film Poetics in-between Czech Traditions and International Ambitions
Anna Batori (University of Glasgow, UK): The Wave of Visual Anomie: The Hungarian Black Series
Petr Bilík (Palacký University, Czech Republic): Cinematic Self-Reflections on the Status of Filmmakers after 1989

14:00 Panel 2: Decelerating a Media Change
Michał Pabiś-Orzeszyna (Łódź University, Poland): Strategies of Professionalization: Video Piracy Culture as Cinema Distribution Workshop
Jan Hanzlík (The University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic): “We May Be on the Brink of a Revolution”: Marketing Multiplexes and Blockbusters in the Post-Socialist Czech Republic
Jindřiška Bláhová (Charles University, Czech Republic): Finding a Home for Video: Video in Late 1980s Czechoslovakia
Alexandru Matei (Lumina University, Bucharest, Romania): “Denouements” of Socialist Television: Romanian Television’s Exceptionalism in the 1980s and Its Consequences

16:00 Keynote 1

C. Michael Elavsky (The Pennsylvania State University, USA): Stepping Back to Look Forward: The Geography of Media Industries Research from (Its) Formations to (Our) Fields of Inquiry

17:45 Panel 3: Anachronistic Alternatives on the Free Market
Petr Bílek (Charles University, Czech Republic): “The Grande Bouffe”: The Upheaval and Collapse of the Czech Book Market as a Consequence of the Sudden Impact of a New Heteronomous Power
Miloš Hroch (Charles University, Czech Republic): News from the Front Lines: Hardcore Punk Fanzines as a Sign of Post-Revolution Samizdat
Tomáš Jirsa (Charles University, Czech Republic): Taming the 1990s: Dog Soldiers as an Emblem of Post-Underground Nostalgia
Jana Rogoff (Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany): Sound and History in Central and Eastern European Animated Film

Day 2: Saturday 5 November

9:30 Panel 4: Commerce – Exploitation – Porn

Balázs Varga (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary): The Politics of Post-Socialist Laughing: Central European Popular Cinema after the Fall of the Wall
Clarissa Smith (University of Sunderland, UK): National Pornographies: Politics, Tastes and Regulation
Antonín Tesař (Charles University, Czech Republic): As Long as It Was in Bad Taste: Czech Cinema of the 1990s as Exploitation

11:30 Keynote 2
Constantin Parvulescu (University of Navarra, Spain): Specters of
Europe in 1990s East-Central European Film

14:00 Panel 5: Gaming the ’90s
Jaroslav Švelch (Charles University, Czech Republic): Adventures in Everyday Spaces: Hyperlocal Computer Games in Post-1989 Czechoslovakia
Tamás Beregi (Hungarian National Film Fund): Lost in Evolution: The Transformation of the Hungarian Videogame Industry and Culture from the Late 1980s to the Late 1990s
Dominika Staszenko (Łódź University, Poland): Video Game Revolution: A Case Study of Polish Gaming Magazines in the ’90s

16:00 Panel 6: The Restructuring That Never Stopped
Claudiu Turcus (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania): Restructuring a Cinema That Didn’t Exist: The Romanian Film Industry of the 1990s
Marcin Adamczak (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland): Invisible Hand vs. Helping Hand: Rhetoric and Institutional Strategies in Polish Cinema, 1989-2005
Katarína Mišíková (Academy of Performing Arts, Slovakia): The Quandary of the In-Between Period: Representations of Political Change in Slovak Fiction Films of the Transitional Period 1990/91
Jana Dudková (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia): Debuting Slovak Directors of 1990s and Their Influence with Regard to International Mobility in Post-November Slovak Cinema
Lina Kaminskaitė-Jančorien (Vilnius University, Lithuania): (Post) Soviet Baltic Cinema in Transition: The Case of Lithuania
Respondent: Lucie Česálková (National Film Archive / Masaryk University, Czech Republic)